Sensory Box for little ones



A box filled with endless opportunities for play, communication and magic!

Recommended age: 6 months – 2 years

This box has been put together to explore with senses. The box is filled with tools to encourage play and discovery. All the materials can be used in various ways; using materials in different ways will encourage and develop creativity.

This Box contains some great tools and ideas for engaging with your child. All activities need to be supervised by an adult. It is advised that the instructions are read before any activities are attempted.

Remember to HAVE FUN! Children learn through EVERYTHING that they do. Use the box as a tool to do activities and learn through play, discovery and adventure.

The ideas, activities and tools should be used as guidelines: creativity is the main goal. Adjust some games, and make them your own. It is essential that this should be a catalyst to fun. Use the contents of the box to give you more ideas, using items and objects around the house to encourage learning and exploring.


  • Sensory Glove
  • wooden car
  • Simple colour/shape toy
  • Squeezy Ball
  • Bubbles
  • Doughnut Rings with ribbons, in container
  • Colour tags


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