About Us

My name is Tanija Botha; I grew up playing outside and keeping myself busy with whatever my sisters and I could find in and around the house.  I had a wonderful childhood filled with exploring, great adventures and journeys to magical places.  Holidays were mostly spent surrounded by family – a large extended family – at the seaside, building sandcastles and going on hikes up mountains!

Always having had a passion for children and the way they learn, I went to study Educational Psychology at Stellenbosch University.  After my studies, I went on a gap year adventure to Holland and became a part of a small family for a year.  Keeping little hands busy and seeing how a child grows (to become) ready to read and learn, is such a remarkable experience.

I am passionate about creating opportunities to learn and explore.  These boxes are so much more than the sum of all their parts.  They offer a space for kids to learn and develop the skills needed throughout life.  They hold hours of play and discovery.