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What’s in the Box?

Let’s start at the very beginning; I believe it’s a very good place to start.  This is a personal blog about Deliberate Fun.  Deliberate Fun is the product of myself turning 29.  I will explain:  On my 29th birthday I suddenly came to the horrific conclusion that I am a ‘someday’ person.  It is my answer to anything I want to do… “Oh I will do it someday”.  At a panicky 29 years old I realised “someday” is NOW.  So I made a list.  I jotted down a very manageable ’10 Things to do before 30′.  ‘Start own business’ was number 1.  So here we are…

Firstly, a general disclaimer:  I am not a writer and I do not have all the answers; these are just my thoughts, opinions and words splattered onto a screen.  I am aiming for this blog to be an informal space for tips, tricks, ideas and inspiration.

I am a teacher and tutor and I work with a vast variety of children every day.  My car is always filled to the brim with bags: one bag per student with all the books, toys, stationary and equipment I need for that student.  I needed a solution to merge these bags…so I thought ‘A BOX’.  Not a box for each student but one box with enough equipment and toys/games to work with kids of different ages and abilities.  The box worked and my car is forever grateful 😉

Some friends and colleagues saw this box and wanted one.  And that was the beginning of my little box business.  I worked with the amazing Solid Stuff Creative team to develop the name, logo and designs.  And slowly but surely my little box business is evolving and growing.

I am excited to share some great products, ideas and perhaps the other 9 things on my list with you, but now I am off to create some Fairy doughnuts…